Orthopedic Surgery Center

An overview of Flagler's Orthopedic Surgery Center

State of the Art, Close to Home

“At Flagler, patients are able to be provided a hometown service with a state-of-the art outcome” James Grimes, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

Jack's Story

“I had outpatient surgery and also a total knee replacement as well at Flagler Hospital… I would recommend it highly. Flagler Hospital has just been ...

How is Flagler Different?

“From the front line staff…all the way to the top, the patient always comes first at Flagler Hospital” Teresa Lambert, Nursing Director, Orthopedic ...

Staff Dedicated Solely to Orthopedics

Whether it’s a post op nurse, physicial therapy… a nurse in the operating room, they know orthopedics…that’s what they do every day.” Douglas Dew, MD ...

Orthopedic Certified Nurses

“Our hospital is very much focused on ensuring our staff goes above the required level of education and training” Teresa Lambert, Nursing Director, ...

Jean's Story

“All the doctors communicated with each other…the continuity of care was great” Jean, Orthopedics Patient