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Bill Introduction

I built this car with my own two hands, but for years couldn’t fit behind the wheel. - Bill

Dr. Marema Introduction

My interest in bariatric surgery really started out because of my niece. At 17, she weighed over 400 pounds. Dr. Robert T. Marema, Medical Director, ...

Bariatric Patient, Jessee

Jessee discusses the decision-making process he underwent before choosing to have weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Patient

Jessee describes how his life has improved after bariatric surgery.

Bill Considering Surgery

My family has a diabetic background. I have friends that have a diabetic background. I've seen people go through the progressive amputations.

Disease From Obesity

Obesity is a life-long, progressive disease. We used to think that people could be healthy and overweight, but now we understand that differently. Dr. ...

Disease Resolution

After the surgery, we see a resolution is so many related diseases. People feel like they have been freed from what were perceived as life sentences. ...

Fear of Diabetes

What scared me so much about diabetes were the associated, peripheral damages that occurred.

Dr. Marema's Experience

I've operated on more than 6,000 weight loss surgery patients and had the pleasure of assisting in those transformations.

Key to Long Term Success

Continued contact with the surgeon and the surgical team are very important in their long-term success.

What Stands Out

They took me by the hand and walked me through every part of the surgery. What stood out to me the most about Flagler was the staff and people.

Dr. Marema's Interest in Flagler

What attracted me to come to Flagler was the very forward thinking and forward vision that the administration and the board had toward the treatment ...

Surgery Support Group

Our support group meets once a month. It's an awesome group! I've never been to a group like this where everybody is upbeat, excited and happy!

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

I started doing weight loss surgery 17 years ago and I still see many of the patients I operated on - even back then. We are here for you through ...

Pier's Story

"I have finally come to terms with saying I’m a survivor" Pier, Breast Cancer Patient

Getting Diagnosed

"We are not dealing with cases. We are dealing with people" Keith Justice, MD Medical Director, Cancer Institute

Mimi's Story

"I can’t say it enough. If you have to go through something like this, Flagler Hospital is the place to be." Mimi, Cancer Patient

Dennis' Story

"I didn’t ever think of leaving St. Augustine" Dennis, Cancer Patient

Jan's Story

"I trusted everybody here. I felt I had the best doctors. I had the best surgeon- and they all worked in tandem." Jan, Cancer Patient

Determing Cancer Treatment

"The whole idea is to have several doctors commonly discuss every case." Keith Justice, MD Medical Director, Cancer Institute

What is a Patient Navigator?

"My role is to help patients move through the process of breast cancer and support them during that time." Cathy Conner, RN, Patient Navigator

Kathy's Story

"The look of relief and trust I saw on her face when I walked in the room really made my job worthwhile" Cathy Conner, RN, Patient Navigator

Cancer Education & Support Center

"In the Cancer Education & Support Center, we have just about everything a patient would need when going through chemotherapy." Cathy Conner, RN

Orthopedic Surgery Center

An overview of Flagler's Orthopedic Surgery Center

State of the Art, Close to Home

“At Flagler, patients are able to be provided a hometown service with a state-of-the art outcome” James Grimes, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

Jack's Story

“I had outpatient surgery and also a total knee replacement as well at Flagler Hospital… I would recommend it highly. Flagler Hospital has just been ...

How is Flagler Different?

“From the front line staff…all the way to the top, the patient always comes first at Flagler Hospital” Teresa Lambert, Nursing Director, Orthopedic ...

Staff Dedicated Solely to Orthopedics

Whether it’s a post op nurse, physicial therapy… a nurse in the operating room, they know orthopedics…that’s what they do every day.” Douglas Dew, MD ...

Orthopedic Certified Nurses

“Our hospital is very much focused on ensuring our staff goes above the required level of education and training” Teresa Lambert, Nursing Director, ...

Jean's Story

“All the doctors communicated with each other…the continuity of care was great” Jean, Orthopedics Patient

Choosing Your Surgeon

“One of the most important things to consider when selecting a surgeon is expertise within a particular area” James Grimes, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

What to Expect

“We go through the stages of what to expect; go into the pre-op teaching, how long they are going to be in the hospital…” Douglas Dew, MD Orthopedic ...

Pre-Education Process

“We have been able to institute a pre-education process at the hospital…allowing patients access to nurses, physical therapists and their surgeon ...

When to See a Specialist?

“While it’s ok to have a little bit of pain…pain that persists, pain that doesn’t go away within two weeks, pain accompanied by swelling or mechanical ...

iCARE Rounding Video

This video explains key rounding behaviors that research has shown to improve the patient experience.

2011 Board Update

A Focus on Our Purpose

Meet Dr. Marema

A history of performing weight loss surgery

Sandra Introduction

I love to dance again

ER Flow

What to Expect with your ER Visit