Our commitment to advancing the social health and well-being of the community runs deep. That’s because the healthier our interactions and relationships are, the better we all are for it. By playing a part in the connectedness of the community, we are helping people live happier, healthier lives. Through simple, yet important, acts like coordinating transportation and free prescriptions for those in need, to creating community-wide programs to support mental health for adolescents, or housing for the homeless we are making a big impact on the social health of our communities. From providing nearly $35 million in charity care every year, to establishing a crisis text line in St. Johns County, we are connecting people to valuable resources.

Our efforts have helped individuals access food banks, pay their utility bill, apply for Medicaid, start substance abuse programs, and much more. We’ve made great strides in fulfilling our commitment to advancing the well-being of our communities, but our work is far from finished. Why? Because that’s the Power of +.