Gifts for Baby

Price: $24.00
This 9" ABC Baby Bear...plays "Alphabet Song" when block is squeezed.
Price: $3.49
"It's a Girl" Box of 5 Delicious Fruit Flavor Bubble Gum. Pass these out to announce a new bouncing baby girl.
Price: $24.00
This loveable lambchop puppet is a LEGEND. It is 16" tall and when squeezed says 1 of "10" different adorable phrases.
Price: $24.99
Box of superior & delicious milk chocolate cigars to announce babies birth. Available in Pink & Blue! 24 per box
Price: $32.00
This Noah Bear is a real talker. It "welcomes baby into the world". This inspiring bear is also available in Blue.
Price: $28.00
These super large Piggy Banks play "It's a Small World" when money is inserted. This musical bank is perfect for a babies 1st Bank.
Price: $26.00
Hi, I'm an adorable Doggie and I Rattle!