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Flagler Hospital Awarded Women’s Choice Award

Flagler Hospital Awarded Women’s Choice Award

Flagler Hospital was recently presented the Women's Choice Award for demonstrating extraordinary service in meeting the needs of women and their families.

"We are pleased to have been recognized with the Women's Choice Award for patient experience. This distinction affirms our commitment to not only achieving the best possible clinical outcomes, but also to ensuring that we achieve our overarching mission to provide the best patient experience with the best staff. At Flagler Hospital, we work diligently to ensure every member of our team treats our patients with CARE – we are committed to being Compassionate, Always listening, Responsive and Empowered to make a difference for every patient, during every interaction, every time," said Joe Gordy, President and CEO of Flagler Hospital. "And we are particularly proud that through this recognition from WomenCertified, our female patients have affirmed that our patient-centered, iCARE approach is working."

"A sincere thank you to Flagler Hospital who not only made the list but is going above and beyond by partnering with WomenCertified to support and empower women in their community, and globally to support our mission to set higher healthcare standards by appreciating the unique needs and preferences of female patients," added Delia Passi, WomenCertified CEO. "Through consumer surveys, consumer behavior research, market intelligence, and years of experience as the leader in building sales and loyalty among women, Women's Certified, Inc. strives to simplify consumer choices and reward businesses that have earned the trust and loyalty of women."