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Flagler Hospital Leads the Way in Digital Operating Room Technology.

Flagler Hospital Leads the Way in Digital Operating Room Technology.

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla - August 14, 2006

Flagler Hospital announced the commencement of a $3M project to update the hospital's operating rooms using the latest in digital technology. Partnering with Smith & Nephew Inc., the first operating room will be completed in November, with all 11 suites becoming fully digitized by May of 2007. As one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems in the area, Smith & Nephew will use Flagler Hospital as a showcase to promote their hi-tech systems to other potential clients nationwide.

Leveraging emerging consumer digital technology, these hi-tech, full-integrated OR's provide surgeons and nurses with greater control over their patients' care. The entire surgical center is interconnected to allow for teleconferencing from the next room or in fact, the other side of the world.

"The decision to make this purchase is driven primarily by our patients' interest in minimally invasive surgery," said Jason Barrett, Senior Vice President. "These new digital operating rooms reflect our commitment to the latest in minimally invasive techniques. By coupling an array of advanced technology options with a group of highly skilled surgeons, we can reduce surgical trauma and pain to patients and help them quickly return to their daily activities."

With traditional technology, when a surgeon needs information about a patient during surgery, the procedure slows, or stops while that information is retrieved from a separate location outside the operating room. The Digital OR can integrate operating room systems, the hospital's patient health information system, the patient's x-ray and other digital imaging files, and the Internet, enabling medical staff to access a broad array of critical patient information.

The Digital OR can be linked to a specialist in another part of the facility or another part of the world, and this can enhance the care patients receive. For example, a pathologist can now remotely view the surgical field and more effectively collaborate with the surgeon real-time in making clinical decisions regarding clinical care. This more efficient care delivery results in a better experience for both the physician and the patient.

The new Digital OR platforms will help Flagler Hospital to continue attracting top quality surgeons from across the nation, and patients appreciate the care provided by gifted, responsive medical professionals. When surgeons feel secure in the technology that's backing then up in the OR, they can be more attentive to the patient and spend less time on the equipment.

Flagler Hospital is a 316 bed acute care hospital serving St. Augustine and surrounding Florida communities. Flagler Hospital is recognized nationally for overall clinical excellence, and offers specialty services in the Heart Center, the Oncology Center, the Spine Program and The Imaging Center. In August 2005 Flagler Hospital opened facilities in Palm Coast, and will be opening a medical complex in northern St. Johns County in 2007.

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