Frequently Asked Questions About ReShape™

• Is the procedure covered by insurance?

Currently, the ReShape Procedure is not covered by insurance, but we do have financing options that can bring the cost down to an affordable monthly payment for you. Patients may also use a tax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to pay for the procedure.

• What is included in the cost of the procedure?

The cost of the procedure not only covers the ReShape intragastric balloon insertion and removal, it also covers the full year of monthly coaching sessions and the use of the ReShape Patient Portal during and after completion of the program. If you wish to schedule an appointment with us, we will provide you with a specific breakdown of costs and more information during your consultation.

• Is the procedure safe?

The safety and effectiveness of the ReShape Procedure has been studied in a clinical trial and was granted FDA approval in the United States. The balloons are made from medical grade silicone and filled with saline. These materials are both safe for the human body. The ReShape intragastric balloon has a special dual balloon design that was developed to improve the safety of an intragastric balloon. This design helps to ensure that the balloon more comfortably sits in the stomach and does not travel outside of the stomach into the intestine.

• How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight you lose with the Intragastric balloon will depend on your level of commitment in changing your behaviors and following the dietary guidance. It is important that you know that the program is a tool to help you make healthy changes in your life. Results will vary, but in the clinical trial, patients who committed to the program lost up to 72 pounds over 12 months.

• Can the dual balloon stay in longer than six months?

The ReShape balloon has only been tested and approved to last six months. Therefore, it is critical that you come in and have the balloon removed at the six month appointment. You will continue dietary coaching and support for six months following the balloon removal to encourage you to continue to lose weight and keep it off.

• Do people keep the weight off?

In the clinical trial, two-thirds of patients maintained or continued to lose weight after the dual balloon was removed. Patients were not followed beyond one year. People who are committed and engaged in the program, attend the monthly coaching sessions, and make the necessary changes to adopt healthy eating habits will have the best chance at keeping the weight off.

• Which doctor will perform my procedure?

Dr. Marema has been highly trained on the ReShape Procedure and is accepting appointments now. If you are considering the intragastric balloon and would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please call our office at 904.819.5861.

• How much time will I need to take off work?

We recommend taking at least two or three days off from work just to let your body get used to the felling of the balloons. There is very little downtime with this procedure. Many patients are able to perform routine tasks like driving, housework, and walking very soon after their procedure. Most patients experience some nausea and vomiting after the insertion, which is why we do recommend a few days of rest after the procedure.