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Financial Assistance Information

Charity Care and Financial Discount Policy

Flagler Hospital is committed to providing charity care to persons who have healthcare needs and are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for government programs, or otherwise unable to pay, for medically necessary care based on their individual financial situation.

Consistent with its mission to deliver compassionate, high quality, affordable healthcare services and to advocate for those who are poor and disenfranchised, Flagler Hospital strives to ensure that the financial capacity of people who need health care services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care.

Flagler Hospital, Inc. offers the following options:

  • Financial counseling to assist patients in gaining access to government sources of medical assistance such as Medicaid, as well as other state and local programs.
  • Financial assistance to uninsured patients who qualify based on the data set forth on our charity care policy, which provides discounted or free care to qualifying patients.
  • Flexible payment plans based on financial status and total amount due. We strive to help patients satisfy their financial obligations in a fair manner based on individual circumstances.

In order to provide the best patient experience, it is essential that our patients provide the necessary information that allows us to offer discounts and other forms of financial assistance. To qualify for charity care, you may be asked to complete a simple form. Additional information may be requested in order to verify your family income and assets.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our Financial Counselors if you have any questions or you would like to arrange for a financial assessment at:

Flagler Hospital (Business Office) 904-819-4539 or toll-free at 844-223-5349

It is the mission of Flagler Hospital, Inc. to provide the best patient experience with the best staff.

*Charity is not considered to be a substitute for personal responsibility. Patients are expected to cooperate with Flagler Hospital's procedures for obtaining charity or other forms of financial assistance, and to contribute to the cost of their care based on their individual ability to pay. Individuals with the financial capacity to purchase health insurance shall be encouraged to do so, as a means of assuring access to health care services, for their overall personal health, and for the protection of their individual assets.

Guidelines for Charity Care Eligibility

In order to determine if you qualify for charity care, we consider the following essential criteria:

  • How much money does your family receive per year?
  • How many people are in your family unit?
  • What other financial resources do you have available?

We will then compare the information that was provided to us with the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). The chart identified below is provided for general guidance.

Number of People in Your Family Unit

Below 150% of FPG May Qualify for Free Care

Over 150% but Below 400% of FPG May Qualify for Reduced Priced Care



$17,505 - $46,680



$23,595 - $62,920



$29,685 - $79,160



$35,775 - $95,400



$41,865 - $111,640



$47,955 - $127,880



$54,045 - $144,120



$60,135 - $160,360

More than 8

Add $4,060.00
(Per Person)

*If you think that you qualify for charity care or financial discounts, we strongly encourage you to speak with one of our Financial Counselors to arrange a financial assessment.