Collaborative Care

Flagler Hospital’s cancer program combines the latest in technology with multi-disciplinary expertise and personal support .

One of the world’s most advanced radiation therapy machines is right here in St. Augustine. The ARTISTE provides a comprehensive portfolio of image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and advanced treatment delivery tools, enabling physicians to choose the appropriate radiation treatment technique for each patient, make critical adjustments instantly, and deliver ART according to each patient's needs. This is a giant leap forward in cancer fighting technology and is one of the therapies often included in a patient’s treatment plan.

Tumor boards at Flagler Hospital are an integral part of the cancer program. A multi-disciplinary group of physicians review patient specific information and evaluate radiological as well as pathological findings, which enables our team to arrive at the best possible treatment recommendations, keeping with nationally established guidelines.

All breast cancer patients are guided through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process by our patient navigator who will answer any questions which might arise, discuss test results and recommended treatments, serve as an advisor and advocate, and help coordinate a patient’s personalized care plan.

Determing Cancer Treatment
What is a Patient Navigator?
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