Flagler Health Care Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees made up of regional business and civic leaders who serve without pay or compensation.
Ray Matuza, Chairperson
Michael A. Davis, Vice-Chairperson
Cathy Burkhardt, Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Bailey, Sr.
Katherine Batenhorst
Jane Boles
Stella Brown
Suzanne Brown
Christine Chapman
J.B. Coomes
Brad Cooper
Meg DiBella
Andrew DiFeo
Sue Foley
John Gebert
Michelle Grobman
Tawhid Hossain, M.D.
Melissa S. Kauttu
William Kopf
Jennifer Koppman
Elena Laguardia
Derek Muehrcke, M.D.
Bill Mignon
Norman Nelson
Brendan O'Connell
Pat O'Connell
Gregory Oxford, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Reuben Plant, Jr., M.D.
William Platko, M.D.
Frederick Rendall
Jeani H. Taliaferro
Len Tucker
Len Weeks
Bruce Witten, M.D.
Joseph S. Gordy, President, Ex-Officio
Roger Carter, Chief Financial Officer, Ex-Officio

Heather P. Allen, CFRE, Executive Director
Michael Bowen, Assistant Director
Katie Lay, Stewardship and Donor Relations Manager