Faculty and Staff

Patricia Moore
Chief Learning Officer

Pat Moore was born in Washington, D.C., and spent most of her formative years in the New York City area. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wagner College, Staten Island New York; her Masters in Nursing from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia; and her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Florida. Pat has over 35 years of extensive and varied experience in all levels of nursing, and has held a variety of positions including: charge nurse in intensive care and emergency departments, clinical specialist in rehabilitation and several top level positions in nursing administration. She has worked as a consultant in nursing administration and research, and has held positions as coordinator of nursing performance improvement and hospital quality management departments. Throughout her career, Pat has held joint faculty appointments in schools of nursing, including University of Tennessee, University of Virginia, and University of Florida. Most recently, Pat held the position of Assistant Professor at Jacksonville University (JU) and also coordinated the RN-BSN, RN-MSN, and MSN programs at JU. She has many publications, research, and other scholarly activities to her credit. Pat has also won several awards including, the Florida Nurses Association (FNA) Excellence in Writing Award, the FNA District Two Nurse Educator Award and the Great 100 Nurses Award of Northeast Florida. She is a member of several professional associations including, Sigma Theta Tau, the International Nursing Honorary Society, the Southern Nursing Research Society, and the Society of Research Administrators.

Education Programs Support Specialist (Class Registration and Assistant to the Chief Learning Officer)

Administrative Assistant (Program Attendance)

Manager, Non-clinical Programs (Student internships/observation, student orientation, Institutional Review Board and Grants)

Manager, Clinical Programs(Nursing Education for Critical Care and Maternal Child Services Nursing Units)

Coordinator, Computer-Based Education (Computer-based learning, NetLearning and NetCompetency)

Coordinator, Clinical Education (Nursing Orientation and Nursing Education for Med-Surg Nursing Units)

Coordinator, Clinical Education

Coordinator, Continuing Medical Education (CME, Physician Education, Medical Library)

Coordinator, Patient Education (Orthopedic, Heart Failure, Stroke and Kidney patient education classes)