A Message from the Flagler Hospital Chief Learning Officer

Excellence can be defined as "the best obtainable, first class, premium, highest, superior and exceptional." In our lives, being committed to excellence can make all the difference in the world. When we make every effort to do our best, we can reach for the stars and fulfill our potential. Real happiness comes from knowing that we refuse to stop at good enough and make excellence our goal. The Flagler Life Institute is committed to pursuing excellence in creating a learning culture at Flagler Hospital for our employees, patients and community members.
Patricia D. Moore, PhD, RN

What is the Life Institute?

Increasing Knowledge, Achieving Excellence

Increasing knowledge through education is the cornerstone in achieving excellence. The Life Institute, an educational entity, is an integral component in support of Flagler Hospital's Vision and Mission statements which are respectively; "To be recognized as a leading health care provider in Northeast Florida," and "To provide the best patient experience with the best staff." Therefore, accomplishment of the hospital's Vision and Mission requires a proactive, rigorous, and innovative professional development program for all Flagler Hospital Staff. By providing quality programs and services for staff, the Life Institute will be true to its purpose, "To cultivate a learning organization through investment in the education and development of all employees affiliated with Flagler Hospital."

At its core, the Life Institute is about creating a hospital culture in which every employee feels valued and in turn values the opportunity to grow through education and self-development. This is best accomplished through employee involvement in the design of the Life Institute and its components, including identification of content areas and setting priorities for learning. The Life Institute is different than a traditional hospital staff development department in that the Life Institute offers a multidimensional approach to helping employees achieve their maximum potential. This approach is focused on employees' gaining job-related knowledge and skills and developing the life management skills that facilitate healthier, more balanced lifestyles. The underlying assumption is that better people make better employees. The ultimate goal is to create a hospital culture in which every employee feels the ownership needed for the successful pursuit of excellence in the performance of their jobs.


Flagler Life Institute Main Phone Number: 904-819-4787

Flagler Life Institute Address:
10 San Bartola Drive, St. Augustine, Fl 32086

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